Thirty-three of South Carolina’s forty-six counties now require mediation pursuant to an Order of the South Carolina Supreme Court. Additionally, the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission now requires mediation in certain worker’s compensation actions. HNB has a number of attorneys, seasoned in both traditional litigation and worker’s compensation, who are certified by the Supreme Court of South Carolina as mediators and/or arbitrators. While engaging in full litigation practices, our mediators understand the benefits and dangers of taking a case before a jury of twelve strangers and what is required of the parties to get their cases in front of a jury. They use their intimate knowledge of the court system to help parties work towards a resolution by offering a neutral, third-party analysis of the pending claims.


Similarly, arbitration presents an opportunity for the parties to resolve the issues between them in a more cost effective and efficient manner. HNB arbitrators employ their litigation skills and legal knowledge to produce fair, responsive results.